28 de mar de 2009


Film with Audrey Tautou,
about the years before Coco became
world famous for her Chanel.
It focuses on the earlier years and
what shaped her into being 
the woman we all think we know she is/was.

"Any woman who wants to invent a
destiny for herself can identify
 with the early years of
Coco Chanel,a young uneducated 
woman who dreams of entering
the world while exacerbating her
differences and ignoring the
extraordinary destiny awaiting her"
Audrey Tatou said in a statement.
"She glides on the arm of a 
tail coated swain into an 
 elegant belle époque salon.
 Music swirls,eyes swivel-
and no wonder. Her thin black dress
hugs a gamine frame,a look of
masculine confidence rest on her
face.Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel,
better know as Coco,is
making an entrance."

Jasper Rees

I can't wait to see this movie!

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