25 de fev de 2009


Glove is the drug

15 de fev de 2009


The Selby features
photographs,paintings and
videos by Todd Selby of 
interesting people and
their creative spaces.

Daniela Kamiliotis-Set and costume designer,
fine artist,and vice president
of womens collection Ralph Lauren
at her office-Midtow New York City
Jaques Grange-Interior architect at
his home-2nd arrondissement Paris
Aaron Rose-Artist,writer,musician,
film director and independent curador
at his home-Silverlake Los Angeles 
Christina,Lowe and Swaim Hutson-
Designers of obedient sons & daughters
at home-Finacial District New York City
Philip smiley-Artist;and Abigail Smiley Smith-
Senior fashion designer for Stella Macartney/
Adidas and Pringle at their home-
Dalson London

Daniela Kamiliotis

14 de fev de 2009

This compose image shows how
Manhattan looked in 1609 versus today.

13 de fev de 2009

Beautiful Meryl Photos

10 de fev de 2009


Esta loja,J Morgan Puett,
me lembra uma viagem que eu fiz
com meu amigo estilista Lorenzo Merlino, 
para New York, em 1993.
Quando eu entrava na Wooster street e via
este vestido pendurado na porta da loja,
eu adorava,achava que ela estaria lá para sempre.
Até o dia em que não estava mais
e eu nunca entendi o porque.
Era a loja mais linda e poética 
daquele lugar.
Agora eu entrei no site,
e descobri a resposta para
a minha duvida esquecida.


Georgia native J.Morgan Puett
 emerged in the mid-1980s as a fashion designer.
Her distinctive style,which drew from sources
that explored the history of garments,
were hand-made,crafted of hand-dyed
natural fabrics,often in wrinkled,
informal states.
Her quirky Soho retail space
was heralded for its vocative
environment,a combination of store,
art installation,architectural remnant and factory.
Models rode a salvaged merry-go-round
for fashion shows,
the whirr of sewing machines provided
a soundtrack,celebrities mingled with
artists,and clothing shared shelf space
with antique farm equipment.
The Wooster street space was abuzz with activities,
including art exhibitions,poetry readings,concerts,
tarot card readings,
as well as memorable manicures provided by 
critic Rhonda Lieberman.

If effectively served as an ad-roc
 center for New York"s creative producers.
This multifaceted studio-cum-store
drew comparisons to Warhol's factory
for its spontaneity.
In retrospect,Puett anticipated the changed
landscape of Soho,with its entertainment-oriented,
retail and brand marquees such
as Prada,Abercrombie and Fitch and Apple.
Puett closed her Wooster Street store in 1997,
and archived all of its contents
from dresses and patterns to financial
records and shipping receipts-most of
which was preserved with natural beeswax.
This Pompeian Action was the subject of 1998
exhibition at the Centre d'Art
Contemporain Kunsthalle in Fribourg,
In her installation at Alexander Gray Associates,Puett
critically revisits this material at 
timely moment,when the lines between 
the art world and luxury branding
are collapsing. 

Since 2001,Puett has focused her artistic
practice on large-scale collaborative
projects that mine her interest in the role
of fashion and garments on culture,
both historical and contemporary,
in efforts that honor labor and "missing links to history".

Wooster street Store,New York,1993
Wooster Street store,New York,1993

4 de fev de 2009

Lyudmilla Konstantinovna
was so captivated by the dashing young
museum assistant's winning smile
and eloquent if wordy compliments
that she thought nothing of getting
married and spending her honeymoon in the
bone vaults of the St Petersburg Imperial
Museum of Coperative Osteology.

Vogue USA

Grace Kelly

Photo Todd Selby

Atelier Annelise de Salles
Foto Fernanda Suplicy
Paula e Inês

Chinatown restaurant New York City
Bill Blass

Vestido Annelise de Salles

Vestido Annelise de Salles

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