15 de fev de 2009


The Selby features
photographs,paintings and
videos by Todd Selby of 
interesting people and
their creative spaces.

Daniela Kamiliotis-Set and costume designer,
fine artist,and vice president
of womens collection Ralph Lauren
at her office-Midtow New York City
Jaques Grange-Interior architect at
his home-2nd arrondissement Paris
Aaron Rose-Artist,writer,musician,
film director and independent curador
at his home-Silverlake Los Angeles 
Christina,Lowe and Swaim Hutson-
Designers of obedient sons & daughters
at home-Finacial District New York City
Philip smiley-Artist;and Abigail Smiley Smith-
Senior fashion designer for Stella Macartney/
Adidas and Pringle at their home-
Dalson London

Daniela Kamiliotis

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