29 de mai de 2009


Odalisques were the most popular subject of
 Matisse's Nice period,during the 1920s.
They appear in diverse poses in innumerable canvases:reclining,lounging,seated or standing,
frequently with their arms raised or 
folded behind the head.Dressed or semi-dressed
 in exotic attire,they are placed against a 
decorative background of richly patterned 
fabrics and oriental rugs and surrounded by 
oriental accoutrements.Matisse's primary
 model for these depictions,from 1920 to 1927
was Henriette Darricarriére(born 1901),
a young woman skilled in the arts of ballet,
piano,violin and painting who lived near
Matisse's studio.  
In this third-floor apartment at 1,Place 
Charles-Félix,Matisse arranged an "Oriental" 
alcove,equipped with a low couch,mirrors,
decorative screens and profusely patterned 
wall hangins,creating an atmosphere of 
reverie and exoticism reminiscent of 
the Moorish interiors he had seen in Morocco.
The model's sculpturesque body,languorously
stretching on the couch,exudes sensuality and
carnality,enhanced by the warm rosy red colour
 scheme.The mood of "luxe,calme et volupté"
is clearly palpable.Yet,contemplating the
work,one gets the impression that the artist
somehow distanced himself from the erotic
content of the picture while leaving the 
excitement of recognition to the viewer.
Despite their attempt at authenticity,the 
paintings appear carefully staged and full 
of theatricality.The theme of odalisques
during the Matisse's Nice period is central
not only to his paintings,but also to his
sculptures,drawings and prints. 

27 de mai de 2009


 Rossy de Palma
She was discovered in 1986 by filmmaker
PEDRO ALMODÓVAR at a café in Madrid.
Originally a singer and dancer for the band
PEOR IMPOSSIBLE,today she's an actress and
 lives in France with her two sons.

Vintage look I
Vintage look II


Rainbow dress
Vintage look III

Cristopher Kane Scalloped silk dress

Lilly Cole

Nice weeding shoes
Image from "The Sartorialist"

Good idea I
Good idea II
Sofia Coppola:Director,Screenwriter.
Good idea III

Shoes:Christian Lauboutin

21 de mai de 2009

Robert Motherwell
Abstract Expressionist Artist

In 1940,a young painter named Robert Motherwell 
came to New York City and joined a group of
artists-including Jackson Pollock,Willem de Kooning,
Mark Rothko and Franz Kline-who set out
to change the face of American painting.
These painters renounced the prevalent American
style,believing its realism depicted only
the surface of American life.Their interest
was in exploring the deeper sense of reality 
beyond the recognizable image.
Influenced by the Surrealists,many of whon
had emigrated from Europe to New York,
the Abstract Expressionist sought to create essential 
images that revealed emotional truth
and authenticity of feeling.

"The public history of modern art 
is the story of conventional people not
knowing what they are dealing with"

                                 -Robert Motherwell

I like the name of this painting:
The Little Spanish Prision


Karl Lagerfeld

Stella McCartney


Coluna: Rabino Nilton Bonder


...e as politicas de sustentabilidade são hoje um band-aid 
em fratura exposta. Paliativos que terão pouco impacto na 
força acumulada pela inércia da cultura.É a cultura que 
alavanca o movimento maior de massas, de bilhões que não 
poderam mudar de curso de um dia para o outro.Está na hora
de não corrermos mais para frente.Para o sustento que esta 
sempre na frente.Estabelecer economias de crescimento 
como única opção de futuro não exige grande dom profético 
para antever o desastre.Não será bolha,será implosão mesmo.
É hora de olharmos para o lado e até para trás e esperarmos
por uma nova revolução na cultura humana.Uma revolução 
que se valha de outras sensibilidades que não apenas a 
racionalidade.Foi ela que construiu todas as revoluções do 
sec XIX e que afetam a nossa cultura até hoje.Esse iluminismo
cultural desbancou a vida e ungiu o sustento.As várias 
fomes da vida se fizeram em uma única,a do sustento,
e está difícil alimenta-la...

Trecho do texto Salvaguardar a lucidez de
Nilton Bonder,para ler o texto inteiro clicar em 
Coluna:Rabino Nilton Bonder acima.

20 de mai de 2009


The Flower of my Secret(1995)

Pepi,Luci,Bom and Other Girls on the Heap(1980)

Labyrinth of Passion(1982)

Dark Habits(1983)

What Have I Done to Deserve This?(1984)


Law of Desire(1987)

Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdonw(1988)

Tie Me Up!Tie Me Down!(1990)

High Heels(1991)


Live Fresh(1997)

All About My Mother(1999)

Talk to Her(2002)

Bad Education(2004)


Broken Embraces(2009)

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