21 de mai de 2009

Robert Motherwell
Abstract Expressionist Artist

In 1940,a young painter named Robert Motherwell 
came to New York City and joined a group of
artists-including Jackson Pollock,Willem de Kooning,
Mark Rothko and Franz Kline-who set out
to change the face of American painting.
These painters renounced the prevalent American
style,believing its realism depicted only
the surface of American life.Their interest
was in exploring the deeper sense of reality 
beyond the recognizable image.
Influenced by the Surrealists,many of whon
had emigrated from Europe to New York,
the Abstract Expressionist sought to create essential 
images that revealed emotional truth
and authenticity of feeling.

"The public history of modern art 
is the story of conventional people not
knowing what they are dealing with"

                                 -Robert Motherwell

I like the name of this painting:
The Little Spanish Prision

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