31 de ago de 2009


The futuristic award-winning
Peckham Libery in South London has been
designed by the architects William Alsop & Jan Stomer.
Photo by Zorro Flickr.com
The Lello Bookstore in Porto,Portugal,
is open since 1906 and is surely one of the most
beautiful bookstores of the world.
Photo by Delviking Flickr.com
Lello Bookstore
Selexyz Bookstore in Maastricht,Holland.
The bookstore is installed in an old Dominican church.
Fotography by Madcrow Flickr.com
Shakespeare & Co. Antiquarian Books,Paris.
Probably the most photographed bookstore of the world.
Photography by Simple Dolphin Flickr.com
A view from inside the bookstore Shakespeare & Co.
Photo by Toshio Kishiyama Flickr.com
On the third floor of the bookstore Shakespeare & Co.
Photo by Glynnis Richie Flickr.com
Mona Lisait,another great bookstore in the center of Paris.
Here you see the third floor with prints and posters.
Photo byFrancois Flirck.com
The coffee shop of the Selexyz Bookstore in
Maastricht is settled in the altar of the church.
Photo by Edwin Wisse Flickr.com
The bookstore El Ateneo in Buenos Aires was a real
theatre and them a movie theatre once before getting
a bookstore.Photo by sitemarca Flickr.com
A very cramped bookstore in Calcutta,India.
Photo by FriskoDude Flickr.com

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